We host regular Seminars for parents, teachers and professionals.

Our next seminar will be on the 23rd May 2016


Understanding academic pressure, stress, and anxiety in gifted students


Why do some of our brightest students become quite stressed and anxious when it comes to tests, assignments, and assessments? Why does our house resemble a nuclear meltdown the night before a test or due date? (and then why is my child perfectly fine two days later while I’m still recovering?!?!). Is competition over marks a healthy thing? Why do some gifted student seem to underperform in examinations? 

Assessment is an integral part of the teaching and learning process, but recent years have seen changes to the type and nature of assessment in schools and systems in Australia. Recent research has shown that gifted students can face their own individual challenges with tests, assessments, and academic-related stress. Sometimes, giftedness can be its own burden: living up to expectations, be they internal or external, can be significantly challenging for gifted students. 

Ben North will outline some of the theory and research related to pressure, stress, and anxiety in gifted school students. Findings from a major research investigation with 722 NSW senior high school students will be presented and discussed, along with interview responses from gifted students who made it through Year 12 and shared reflections on their school experiences as a gifted kid. Suggestions for strategies or practices for parents, students, schools and families will be offered, along with time for a Q&A/discussion session.


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