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Please complete the following form to order seminar/s recorded to CD.  Please clearly indicate your selected recording/s and complete all required details before submitting your order.  


After submitting your order, please make payment via bank transfer.  Cost is $20 per CD, though the following discounts apply:

  • $5 discount for those who attended the seminar in person.
  • $5 discount per CD for current financial GFSG Inc members.
  • A further $5 discount for those residing outside the Sydney Metropolitan Area 
  • For a limited time, order now and receive a copy of the presentations as well as the CD.


For example a regional GFSG Inc member who did not attend the seminar in person would pay $10.  


Postage is included in the pricing.  Postage is within Australia.


Payment can be made via bank transfer to the following account:


Gifted Families Support Group 

BSB 012 081 

Account 454495079


Your order will be posted as soon as possible after clearance of payment has been verified.  Whilst we endeavour to achieve this as quickly as possible, please remember we are a volunteer-run organisation.

Susan Assouline
 Dr Susan Assouline


Academic Acceleration 101 - What You Need to Know

Academic acceleration is the academic intervention with the strongest research support, yet it is still under-used in many schools.  This session addresses the "Top 10" reasons to advocate for acceleration.  We also will consider the role of parents and highlight, through vignettes, some of the topics that arise when discussing the prospect of whole-grade acceleration and single-subject acceleration.  The primary purpose is to offer a "translation" of research into recommendations for evidence-based practice.


Linda Silverman 

Dr Linda Silverman


Giftedness 101

What is giftedness?  Is it the potential for success?  Shouldn't everyone have equal opportunity to be successful?  When we equate giftedness with potential for note-worthy achievement in adult life, we create an inequitable criterion for children of colour, children who are economically disadvantaged, and females.  Giftedness is colour-blind, is found in equal proportions in males and females, and is distributed across all socio-economic levels.  Giftedness is a psychological reality... It indicates significantly different needs from the norm; and it requires early identification, intervention and accommodations to assure healthy development.

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Please contact a committee member should you wish to purchase one, or see us at our next event.

Hats are compulsory on all GFSG excursions.





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