GFSG Inc. is excited to be undertaking a pilot project to assist in establishing protocols and procedures to support sub-branches running in NSW.  Hawkesbury-Nepean Sub-branch kicked off the pilot project in Term 4, 2015.  We were joined by South Coast Sub-branch in May, 2016, and are currently in discussions with our third sub-branch (yet to be announced), which will complete the pilot project.

The pilot project and sub-branch processes will be reviewed in Term 4, 2016, and it is the aim of GFSG Inc. to open applications for further sub-branches after that time.

The purpose of the sub-branch structure is to allow support networks to be established in a range of locations throughout NSW, to be run by local people who can identify and respond to local needs.  GFSG Inc. is affiliated with the AAEGT and represents the state of NSW in this capacity, however recognises that this encompasses a vast geographical area with a wide variety of needs.  The establishment of sub-branches will facilitate access to gifted support services by families and professionals in more local regions, whilst providing the sub-branch coordinators with an established framework and support regarding logistics such as insurance and financial management.

Establishment of a sub-branch requires successful completion of an application process. Expressions of interest and application forms to launch a sub-branch will be available on the website following completion of the pilot project.  Sub-branches can be supported in running a wide range of events, which may include (but are not restricted to) events such as games nights, seminars, dinners and excursions.  The GFSG Inc. Sub-branch Liaison will be available to discuss enquiries and applications, as well as to support new and established sub-branches once applications are open.

All memberships continue to be processed as a state-wide GFSG Inc. membership, with the parent body providing financial support to the sub-branches.  Membership benefits include, among other things, access to the Member’s Facebook group and Children’s Edmodo group; discounted attendance at events (including games nights, seminars and excursions but also conferences such as the AAEGT National Conference in Sydney in Sept/Oct 2016); membership of the AAEGT and therefore access to purchasing the bi-annual journal, and advanced notice of most events.  Membership also strengthens the ability of the state and national bodies to further the cause of gifted education through the provision of finances, as well as the expression of numbers.

Please support our sub-branches, and watch this space to see how services grow in coming months!


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