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CT Adventure

Mission confirmed: Operation MU-T

Your task is to steal a treasure, known as "T" from the museum.

However our agent has revealed there was an intelligence failure, so the museum has armed guards standing watch. What will you do?

When: Monday 21st August 2017

Time: 5:45pm Meet at CT Adventure and Escape Room Reception

6pm to 7pm Escape Room: MU-T

7:30pm to 9pm Dinner at Bavarian Beir Cafe

Location: CT Adventure and Escape Room
Level 7, 61 Market Street, Sydney NSW 2000


Bavarian Bier Cafe

24 York St, Sydney NSW 2000

Cost: $25 for Escape Room

Dinner al la carte: order at leisure


What is it? In the average escape room or escape game, people are locked in a themed and decorated room and have to find keys, decode clues, and solve puzzles in order to “escape the room” before their time runs out. Usually, participants have 60 minutes to “solve” the room and escape before they are deemed having “lost” and must come back another time to try again. The puzzles inside each room are different, but usually consist of logic puzzles, riddles, and even physical challenges.


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